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ArtLingua brings over 20 years' experience in translating and localizing multilingual content in the fields of life sciences, information technology and international development, and for the engineering and sustainable development sectors.
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What’s the difference between localization and translation?

Localization – often abbreviated as L10n – is a term that sums up all of the tasks necessary to adapt a product to a new region or “locale", so that it appeals to your new target market.

It involves translation, but it goes beyond that. It also calls for the analysis of the target cultural environment and the target market’s needs.

Perhaps you need to translate the user interface of a software program or application, or the content of a website.

Simply translating your existing texts won’t get you very far.

You need to take into account the cultural, linguistic and legal characteristics of the country where the product will be sold and used.

That’s localization.

The process may involve, for example, changing measurement units, currencies, time and date formats, graphics and possibly colors, as well as the resizing of field elements.

Your data would also need to be properly prepared (this is the internationalization phase), and a number of tests carried out.

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ArtLingua can localize your website, application, CRM, or e-commerce or marketing platform, and help you deal with content publication issues using an API or CMS translation connectors.

These tools allow for collaboration, as well as in-context previews and real-time progress, so you can rest easily knowing your project is in the best possible hands.

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