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With over 20 years of experience in translating and localizing multilingual content for the life sciences, information technology, international development, engineering and sustainable development sectors, ArtLingua is a trusted language service provider committed to delivering high quality services to international corporations and NGOs.
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Quality Assurance

As a language service provider, we’re responsible for safeguarding your image and reputation.

Like us, you have no doubt put all your energy into your business and proudly watched it grow. And now you’re ready to conquer new horizons! Our goal is to work alongside you as you take this next step.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re keenly aware of the impact that a bad translation can have on your image. Therefore, you can be sure that we’ll make every effort to ensure that your translations are accurate and of the highest quality.

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We work with carefully selected, qualified translators who have many years' experience and only translate into their native language.

Your documents are put through a range of quality-control checks and processes in compliance with the ISO 17100 standard.

Our use of cutting-edge tools (translation memories, terminology management systems, etc.) contributes to improving quality and ensuring overall consistency in your translations.

We can make use of your existing linguistic resources (glossaries, reference documents, style guides, etc.) or work with you to develop linguistic resources to ensure that all your documents are consistent.

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