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With over 20 years of experience in translating and localizing multilingual content for the life sciences, information technology, international development, engineering and sustainable development sectors, ArtLingua is a trusted language service provider committed to delivering high quality services to international corporations and NGOs.
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Information Technology

Information technology translations require a perfect command of a wide range of platforms, software and tools, so it is important to make sure that you entrust your project to a specialist.

In addition to expertise in a specific language pair and a specific field, the translator should be familiar with the technology and IT tools used throughout the project.

For example, localizing a website for a clothing store does not require the same skills as localizing software for a medical device.

Besides the essential linguistic and sector-specific knowledge and the mastery of various IT tools, the translator should be familiar with writing metadescriptions, tracking validation scripts and performing functional tests, as the case may be.

Projects we have worked on in the past include:

Websites, mobile applications, ERP software, software for electronic and medical devices (radiology, surgery, etc.), digital-storage, network-deployment and server-virtualization solutions, SaaS platforms, and more.

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We can translate your…

  • software strings
  •  websites
  • online help files
  • user guides
  • brochures
  • instructions for use
  • market studies
  • white papers
  • databases

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