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With over 20 years of experience in translating and localizing multilingual content for the life sciences, information technology, international development, engineering and sustainable development sectors, ArtLingua is a trusted language service provider committed to delivering high quality services to international corporations and NGOs.
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Not all translators are naturally gifted when it comes to translating marketing materials, hence the importance of choosing the right service provider. Translating marketing documents and advertising material requires more creativity than technical translation. This is especially true with “transcreation", i.e., the process of translating and adapting advertising slogans – that you and your team have spent countless hours devising – to reflect the cultural context of foreign countries.

You have worked hard to devise unique slogans, spent time creating marketing hooks and advertising campaigns designed to trigger a reaction among your prospects, and then developing relevant marketing documents. In addition to using the right words, taking the culture of your target country into account, the translator must convey the tone and style of your document, your company culture and your image.

The projects entrusted to us cover a wide variety of topics and formats, e.g., brochures on the Internet of Things and cloud computing, medical brochures, corporate documents (procedures, investor reports, data protection documents, training documents, etc.), studies on buying behavior and sales transactions.

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We can translate your…

  • brochures
  • training documents
  • market studies
  • satisfaction surveys and questionnaires
  • newsletters
  • letters and invitations
  • posters
  • advertising campaigns, etc.

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