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ArtLingua brings over 20 years' experience in translating and localizing multilingual content in the fields of life sciences, information technology and international development, and for the engineering and sustainable development sectors.
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Life Sciences

Medical translation is a complex and demanding area. It requires in-depth, specialized knowledge of various medical specialties and translators carry a heavy burden of responsibility.

Here at ArtLingua, we take that responsibility very seriously. We work with specialists, have stringent quality checks in place, conduct in-depth research and have been developing our repository of knowledge for over two decades.

From our office based in Toulouse, France, we provide translation services for the medical and scientific sectors to clients all over the world. Over the years, we have gained recognized expertise in all areas of the healthcare sector, including:

Medical instruments, orthopedics, pneumology, oncology, allergology, cardiovascular surgery, endocrinology, immunology, infectious diseases, reproductive medicine, dermatology, dentistry, nephrology, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, infection prevention, vaccinations, etc.

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We can translate your…

  • labels, leaflets
  • instructions for use
  • informational brochures for patients and healthcare practitioners
  • investigator brochures
  • user guides
  • protocols
  • quality manuals
  • validation master plans
  • standard operating procedures
  • CIOMS forms
  • informed consent forms
  • information forms
  • evaluation questionnaires
  • SAE (serious adverse side effect) reports
  • safety and pharmacovigilance reports
  • case reports
  • user interfaces
  • online help pages
  • web content
  • training guides
  • courses and presentations, etc.

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