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With over 20 years of experience in translating and localizing multilingual content for the life sciences, information technology, international development, engineering and sustainable development sectors, ArtLingua is a trusted language service provider committed to delivering high quality services to international corporations and NGOs.
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Multilingual DTP

“We don't have the budget. We can do it in-house.”

It’s a common issue. People are willing to pay for good quality translations, but then they cut corners when it comes to the final touches, which could make or break your materials.

A good translation isn’t enough. The appearance of your materials is crucial to promoting the image of your company among your customers.

You’ve come this far.

Why compromise the quality of your communication at this point?

Avoid unexpected surprises. When switching from one language to another, the expansion rate (increase or decrease in text length) affects the layout.

The content of your documents may also require changes to graphics (symbols, images, colors, etc.) or typography (hyphenation, special characters, typeface corruption, etc.) that may complicate the graphic designer’s work and cause delays.

For quick and hassle-free processing, it’s important to entrust this task to a specialist who can address the challenges of multilingual documentation.

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ArtLingua offers desktop publishing (DTP) services. Our comprehensive service means you will be working with a single provider, who will centralize the management of your multilingual documentation and ensure full compliance with your branding and style.

Whatever the document type (corporate brochure, user guide, technical manual, advertising poster, etc.) or file format, whether created on a PC or Mac, we will provide you with multilingual deliverables that reflect the layout of the source document and are localized for your target market.

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