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With over 20 years of experience in translating and localizing multilingual content for the life sciences, information technology, international development, engineering and sustainable development sectors, ArtLingua is a trusted language service provider committed to delivering high quality services to international corporations and NGOs.
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Proofreading and Revision

Two pairs of professional eyes are always better than one. If you’ve had documents translated and you want to be totally sure of their quality before releasing them into the world, then trust their proofreading and revision to us.

To ensure the highest level of quality, these tasks are carried out by different linguists. They also have access to terminology resources and the client's instructions.

The proofreading process improves the translation to guarantee optimal editorial quality.

The proofreader ensures that the client's instructions are followed, pinpoints errors (inconsistencies, typing errors, typography and grammar), and ensures that meaning is faithfully reflected and the appropriate terminology is used.

Once proofreading is completed, the translation goes through a revision stage, in which the formatted translation is compared to the source document.

The text is reread to ensure that it doesn’t contain any linguistic errors or truncated characters, and that the layout is identical to that of the source document.

At this stage, if your document requires additional layout work, it will be entrusted to a DTP specialist.

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ArtLingua has strict policies and processes in place that make sure we pick up any mistakes in your texts.

As well as offering proofreading as a stand-alone service, the post-translation proofreading and revision stages are an integral part of our quality assurance process for all translation projects.

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